Hello ,  I am Karen Davidge a Chartered Physiotherapist based in Horsham , West Sussex ,UK.  I work out of my own home based clinic.  

I founded and launched ‘Intentional Physiotherapy’ as a result of my journey through becoming a mum. Post birth I was disappointed by the LACK of safe, sound, effective information and support that was available for mums.  As mums most of us experience varying degrees of weak bladders, Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation), Prolapses, post-caesarean adhesions, lower back pain, excess weight and many more often unspoken post baby complications. These complications if never addressed will linger and may even worsen with multiple births or as aging progresses. Sadly we start to accept these symptoms as "the norm" which in most cases shouldn't have to be the way!

So I became passionate about researching the latest, safe and holistic postnatal program I could find.  My search led me to the MUTU System which I trialed and tested and I became so passionate about the system that I went on to be certified as a MUTU Pro which my Physiotherapy skills allowed me to do. I’m one of only 60 new MUTU Pro’s certified to teach this worldwide.  


What is MUTU?
In a nut shell the MUTU System is essentially a 12 module/week program that you follow daily online. Each day in your own home you follow the very comprehensive up to date pelvic floor and core strengthening exercises. As the weeks and program progresses then higher intensity/interval training type of exercises are incorporated. MUTU is medically endorsed by many healthcare professionals in the UK and worldwide and has now won awards.

What makes MUTU so unique is that it understands that as a mum - YOU are not just a physical body! Nothing prepared me for the life changing adjustments that came with motherhood the physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual / holistic changes.  MUTU System tackles all these aspects in a way that meets YOU as a mum where you are at - and I’d love to support you through this journey. The MUTU system that I coach is for ALL mums - new mums, mums who have had multiple children and even mums who’s kids are now all grown up!


Why do I need a MUTU Pro?
Now you may be thinking why do I need a MUTU Pro as this is an online program I could do myself? Yes you absolutely can do it yourself , no problem CLICK HERE to contact me and I will give you an affiliate link to receive 15% off purchasing the online MUTU System.

But if you would prefer Physiotherapy experience and guidance, coaching and support, through your Mutu System journey then I offer two very comprehensive packages. One of the most common questions for most online exercise programs from mums is “Am I doing it correctly”? 

My postnatal packages can offer you the following coaching alongside the MUTU online home program :

  • An initial physiotherapy 1-to-1 assessment tailored specifically to you and your body's needs. I also specialise in soft tissue techniques to help with cesarean scar adhesions, lower back tension, general postural imbalances etc.

  • Coach correct and safe exercise technique so you are exercising 'effectively'.

  • You will gain from the experience I have as a physiotherapist and MUTU Pro on all aspects of postnatal rehabilitation

  • The knowledge I have to adapt exercises to best support your body’s ability as we progress through the system.

  • Weekly support /advice to guide and encourage you through this journey.

  • It will give you a priceless foundation to build upon moving forward.

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CLICK HERE to read more about Mutu System and see what results other mums have achieved.... 
CLICK HERE to contact me if you just want to buy the 12 wk online program and do it home alone and I will give help you get a 15% discount as part of my service to you.